HDB Resale Flats for Sale In Singapore

Is now the Best Time for Selling and Buying HDB Resale Flat In Singapore?

For most people, getting a new home is a milestone in life and it represents the most expensive purchase / investment of a lifetime and would need long term financing to achieve.

The entire process for buying and/or selling an HDB Flat can be very complicated. As a responsible real estate salesperson, we not only help you to handle the complicated paperwork, we go through step-by-step on your financing and housing planning, we help you in the negotiation part, which can be very challenging, and it is always better to be handled by a middleman like us!

Entrust Us. Let us help you evaluate your financial capacity, understand the pros and cons of each housing option, and many other factors, before you make your home purchase decision.

Buying or Selling HDB Resale Flat In Singapore

Don’t Be Surprised! Actually you can leverage on your existing home to grow your wealth through real estate investment too!

Updated as of 14 October 2018.

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HDB Flat Sellers

Are you thinking of selling your HDB Flat and upgrading for a better home for your loved ones?

We will generate a detailed and all-around Home Report for you Free. It is an essential market tool to help you transact your HDB Flat at the right price, right time.

We will work out a financial plan for you, go through with you every part of the HDB Flat selling process, market your HDB Flat for maximum exposure, help you navigate the negotiation, advise you on your next home, and more ….

HDB Resale Flats For Sale

Our aim is to help you sell your HDB Flat faster and smoothly, for more money, with less risk.

HDB Resale Flat Buyers

Thinking of buying an HDB Resale Flat from the open market?

Check out the flat types that suit your needs and household size, the schemes and grants available that help your cash flow.

We will generate a detailed and all-around Home Report for you Free – for any of your preferred choice of HDB Resale Flat.

We will work out a financial plan for you, bring you around and show you different HDB Resale Flat options, recommend an experienced banker to assist you on your home loan needs, and more …

Buying HDB Resale Flats In Singapore

With our comprehensive property search system and adequate HDB Resale Flat knowledge, we are sure that we are able to serve you well and offer you a fair advice.

Which HDB Estates May Be A Better Option To Build A Better Life for You and Your Loved Ones?

HDB location is a factor you should consider carefully. It will determine not only the future value of your investment, but also many aspects of your everyday life.

You may want to take note of the Proximity Housing Grant. If you are looking to buy a HDB resale flat to live with or near to your children or parents, you will get an additional S$20,000 to counteract your purchase price.

HDB Resale Flats For Sale

Questions You Might Have In Mind …

  • Are you eligible to buy a Resale HDB flat?
  • Are you eligible to sell your HDB flat?
  • How are you going to finance your Resale HDB Flat? Bank Loan or HDB Loan?
  • Should you engage a real estate salesperson like us or be a DIY buyer / seller?
  • What is the “Right” resale flat prices for selling and/or buying HDB Resale Flat? Where to get the Latest HDB Resale Price?
  • Is now a good time for selling and/or buying HDB Resale Flat?
  • Singapore HDB Flat Resale vs New HDB Flats for Sale, which one is more suitable for you?
  • Buyers and sellers of HDB resale flats will have to agree on a price before getting an official valuation. Buyers become more cautious about their offer price. How would this policy affect the HDB resale market?

Our aim is to help you clear any doubt you might have, and to make a wise decision when it comes to Selling and Buying HDB Resale Flats in Singapore.

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