HDB Resale Flats for Sale/Rent In Singapore

Is now the Best Time for Selling, Buying or Renting HDB Resale Flat In Singapore?

HDB Resale Flats for Sale/Rent In Singapore

For most people, getting a home is a milestone in life, and it represents the most expensive purchase/investment of a lifetime and would need long term financing to achieve.

Entrust Us. Let us help you evaluate your financial capacity, understand the pros and cons of each housing option, and many other factors before you make your home purchase decision. Don’t be surprised! You can leverage your existing home to grow your wealth through real estate investment too!

Are you wonder why the HDB transactions volume and price up recently, even during the circuit-breaker months? What is fueling the red-hot resale HDBs? From the demand perspective, we can see that the need for space as working-from-home remains the new norm from now on. HDB units offer a bigger space with a lower price quantum. At the same time, new launches for private non-landed properties are getting more expensive. If your property purchase purpose is for your own stay, not so much on investment return, HDB flat is indeed an ideal option. From the supply perspective, more HDBs are approaching/achieving the Minimum-Occupancy Period (MOP) these few years. It could be the best time for them to cash out the profit and upgrade. Those affected by the labour market (i.e. retrenchment), might be looking to downgrade from private residential to HDB unit.

Which HDB Estates/Towns may be a better option to build a better life for you and your loved ones? HDB location is a factor you should consider carefully. It will determine the future value of your investment and also many aspects of your everyday life. Please browse through our HDB estates directory for complete information on the Singapore HDB flats.


We Believe That The Purpose of Everything We Do Should Be This – To help you secure an ideal home for your own stay first and eventually help you make money through Asset Progression.

Build Your Wealth Through Real Estate Investing!

The entire process of selling, buying or renting an HDB resale flat can be very complicated. We will first understand your desires and needs. Through detailed financial & timeline planning and step-by-step Asset Progression Strategies, we will help you set a 5- to 10-year property investment road map.

As a reliable real estate consultant, you can entrust us to handle the complicated paperwork for you. You can also count on us for the negotiation. Negotiation is an art, it can be very challenging, and it is always better to be handled by a middleman like us!

Are you thinking of selling your existing HDB and upgrading for a better home for you and your loved ones?

  • You should consider carefully and plan for your next-home-to-be before selling your HDB.
    • How to plan for the perfect timeline for moving out from your existing HDB and moving into your next home?
    • What happens if you have secured an ideal next housing, but you can’t fetch an ideal selling price for your existing HDB?
  • You may be thinking of “how good if I can keep my existing HDB flat, rent it out to earn some rental income.”
    • What happens if the capital appreciation is not what you expect, or worst, it depreciates?
    • Is it still worth it to keep your HDB and rent it out?
  • Maybe you are collecting keys for your new BTO or EC. You need someone who can help you sell off your existing HDB within 6 months.

Let us handle all these for you.

  • We will go through with you every part of the HDB resale flat selling process.
    • Work out a detailed financial plan & proper timeline.
    • Advise you on your next home.
    • Market your HDB for maximum exposure.
    • Help you negotiate the best price.
    • And more ...
  • We will generate a detailed and all-around Home Report for you Free.
    • It is an essential market tool to help you transact your property at the right price, right time.

We aim to help you sell your existing HDB flat faster and smoothly, for more money, with less risk.

Are you looking for an HDB resale flat to buy in Singapore?

  • You may get confused about all the CPF or HDB schemes and different grants available in the market.
  • You may doubt your housing loan affordability. You don't know which is the best HDB flat type that suits your household needs and household income.
    • Should you upgrade to a bigger HDB or a better location?
    • Which HDB estates should you consider?
    • Should you right-sizing to a smaller HDB, cash out the profit that seat in the existing HDB?
  • ...

Let us handle all these for you.

  • We will go through with you every part of the HDB resale flat buying process.
    • Work out a detailed financial plan & proper timeline.
    • Bring you around and show you different HDB Resale Flat options.
    • Help you negotiate the best price.
    • Recommend an experienced banker to assist you with your home loan needs
    • And more ...
  • We will also generate a detailed and all-around Home Report for you Free.
    • For any of your preferred choice of property.

With our comprehensive property search system and adequate HDB Resale Flat knowledge, we are sure that we can serve you well and offer you unbiased advice.


It is crucial to engage the right person to help you invest your money in the right place at the right time. You might be looking at resale HDB, resale condo or even new launches. We are a professional realtor. Therefore, whatever your preferences are, we will first understand what you want and bring you all at your choice.

Our focus will always be on taking care of every little detail along the way, ensuring your benefits are our top priority!





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To be an effective listener

To understand the desires and needs of you. We will work out your financial plan, advising you on your next home, i.e. whether it is worth to sell and move, or stay put and rent out a room, etc.

To seek out the best deals for you

Recommend the best return of investment for your money, recommend a property that comes with the best potential rental yield and capital gain.

To be a good communicator

To mediate between the sellers and buyers of properties for a price. Negotiation is more straightforward with a middleman.