HDB Housing Loan

Learn About The Financing Options For Buying An HDB Resale Flat

Getting a new home is an important milestone for most people in Singapore. It is important to work out a comfortable housing plan within your affordability and budget. Do not overstretch yourself financially.

You can choose to get a housing loan from a bank or a housing loan from HDB to help you finance your HDB resale flat purchase. How much loan you can obtain depends on your age, income and financial standing.

We will go through the following:

  • HDB Loan for Resale Flat – If you use a housing loan from HDB, it is mandatory that you obtain a valid HDB Loan Eligibility letter before signing the Option to Purchase.
  • HDB Housing Loan Eligibility – Find out if you and your essential occupiers meet all of the eligibility conditions.
  • Bank Loan for HDB Resale Flat – If you use a housing loan from a bank, a valid Letter of Offer must be obtained from the bank before you exercise the Option to Purchase.
  • HDB Loan Vs Bank Loan – Get the best housing loan for your HDB purchase. Should you go for HDB Loan or Bank Loan?
  • Mortgage Servicing Ratio – All HDB-issued loans have an MSR of 30%

Equip yourself with enough housing loan information and options before committing to buying your home.

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