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Check out your housing loan eligibility for housing purchase. Don’t be surprised actually you can afford a bigger unit!

Buying a house is a major decision. It is prudent to go through the housing financial assessment, to get yourself ready for your dream home purchase.

Housing Loan Eligibility Check Before You Start Hunting For The Ideal Home-To-Be

Be financial prudent when buying a house. The housing financial assessment should be done even before you start looking around. Depends on the information given by you, we do a rough calculation for the following:

  • Income Weighted Average Age (IWAA)
  • The Monthly Instalment (for Bank Loan / HDB Loan)
  • The Minimum Income Requirement (for Bank Loan / HDB Loan)
  • The Maximum Loan Size (for Bank Loan / HDB Loan)
  • The Maximum Property Price (for HDB / EC / Private Residential)
  • Loan-To-Value Ratio
  • Cash Down Payment Required

Free Housing Loan Eligibility Check

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  • Pls indicate fixed/variable
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  • e.g. Car Loan, Credit Card, etc
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Housing Loan Eligibility Assurance – IPA

It is advisable to obtain an In-Principle Approval from a bank before you book an unit. This will give you assurances for the maximum loan amount eligible, the loan-tenure and monthly instalments.

In-Principle Approval for housing loan is free and non-obligatory. To ensure that a smooth process of getting your IPA ready, we work with only experienced mortgage bankers.

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