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Find Out What Your Home Is Really Worth Via A Special Web App Called My Property Tracker!

It is like receiving a bank statement, you’ll receive your own secured and personalized web app, showing you home’s facts & figures & your neighbourhood transactions & listings.

The information is updated in Real Time. It helps you manage your most important financial asset – your home, whether you plan to sell your home tomorrow, five years from now or never. You’ll find My Property Tracker useful in planning and maintaining your lifestyle, financial portfolio and your future retirement, and it’s fun to keep track of what’s going on in your neighbourhood.

Each month you will receive a free SMS with the updated value of your home. Or, any time as and when you wish to check, merely click on the link to go to your secured web app. Your web app is confidential and it is for your eyes only.

My Property Tracker is divided into following sections:

  • Home Facts & Figures: Be updated about your property current value and the historical chart of your house.
  • Neighbourhood Listings: Find out what’s your neighbour selling and renting nearby. Is there any undervalued properties near you?
  • Neighbourhood Transactions: Find out what’s sold or rented nearby in the last 6 months.

Why We Love My Property Tracker (And You Should, Too!)

Top 6 Reasons To Sign Up for My Property Tracker

Each month you will receive a free SMS with updated value of your home.

Track your most valuable physical asset.

Track your net worth.

Track property activity in your neighbourhood to keep updated on market trends.

Financial Planning for retirement, upgrading or right sizing.

It’s fun.

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