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Why the richest people in the world or in Singapore, are in some way involved in real estate investment? They become wealthy not by saving pennies, but they leverage on borrowing money and invest in a good property, which will lead to higher returns over the long run!

You should start your real estate investment planning earlier. Buy within your means with a long-term perspective of at least 5 to 10 years.

  • Start early means you would have a longer investment time horizon.
  • You should have less obligations and commitments when you are young.
  • You are eligible for a longer loan tenure and therefore have a lower monthly instalment.

If you are first time buying a house, which housing options offer you greater priority and privileges? Should you consider BTO, HDB resale flat, EC or private residential? What are the financing options and grants available?

If you are an existing home owner thinking of upgrading, you might have questions about the resale levy, MOP requirements, the additional buyer’s stamp duty, home loan eligibility issues, the transition timeline of how to ensure there is a roof over your family …

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Free Real Estate Investment Consultation

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