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Bukit Merah HDB Resale Flats for Sale/Rent

Bukit Merah HDB Resale Flats

Are you thinking of buying, selling or renting an HDB Resale Flat in Bukit Merah Singapore?

You may want to explore the recent transactions, the location itself, populations and the nearby amenities (transport, educational institutions, shopping malls, markets/hawker centres, sport and medical facilities, etc.) to help you in whatever property-related decisions you make.

Bukit Merah HDB Resale Flats Recent Transactions

You may click on the tabs below to find out more about the trends of HDB Resale Flats (average selling price, average rental price and the number of transactions).

We will update the HDB Resale Transactions regularly for your easy reference and monitoring!

Updated as of 19 Jul 2023

Month 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room Executive MG
2023-07 290,000 603,088 851,838 923,571
2023-06 298,000 519,578 822,483 948,189
2023-05 251,000 368,000 526,757 790,077 880,736
2023-04 240,000 270,000 463,161 780,164 891,917
2023-03 237,000 260,000 511,000 777,576 877,385
2023-02 465,407 728,917 896,089
2023-01 274,000 492,747 814,112 847,452
2022-12 235,000 270,000 419,129 736,303 925,354
2022-11 233,888 274,333 474,871 714,783 881,500
2022-10 265,000 489,098 730,768 881,066
2022-09 363,750 408,847 724,930 956,622
2022-08 248,000 446,231 713,755 885,151
2022-07 235,000 330,000 403,247 704,341 810,632
2022-06 248,000 336,000 432,710 730,997 854,464
2022-05 228,500 247,500 393,174 720,315 869,476
2022-04 257,500 421,092 655,490 866,407
2022-03 215,000 405,000 445,130 723,720 791,626
2022-02 260,000 496,126 739,506 857,457
2022-01 242,500 439,703 714,781 814,305
Beo Crescent
Boon Tiong Road
Bukit Merah Central
Bukit Merah Lane 1
Bukit Merah View
Bukit Purmei Road
Chay Yan Street
Chin Swee Road
Delta Avenue
Depot Road
Eng Hoon Street
Eng Watt Street
Guan Chuan Street
Havelock Road
Henderson Crescent
Henderson Road
Hoy Fatt Road
Indus Road
Jalan Bukit Ho Swee
Jalan Bukit Merah
Jalan Klinik
Jalan Kukoh
Jalan Membina
Jalan Minyak
Jalan Rumah Tinggi
Kampong Bahru Hill
Kampong Bahru Road
Kim Cheng Street
Kim Pong Road
Kim Tian Place
Kim Tian Road
Lengkok Bahru
Lim Liak Street
Lower Delta Road
Moh Guan Terrace
Redhill Close
Redhill Lane
Redhill Road
Seng Poh Lane
Seng Poh Road
Silat Avenue
Silat Road
Silat Walk
Taman Ho Swee
Telok Blangah Crescent
Telok Blangah Drive
Telok Blangah Heights
Telok Blangah Rise
Telok Blangah Street 31
Telok Blangah Street 32
Telok Blangah Way
Tiong Bahru Road
Tiong Poh Road
Yong Siak Street
York Hill
Zion Road


Are you thinking of settling your family down in one of Singapore's highly sought-after HDB towns? We will get you your desire dream home!

Bukit Merah HDB Resale Flats for Sale

For HDB home sellers thinking of selling your existing HDB Flat and upgrading for a better home for you and your loved ones, let us work out a financial plan for you; go through with you every part of the home-selling process. We focus on marketing HDB Resale Flats in Singapore. Therefore, please give us a chance and engage our services. We will be able to market your house for MAXIMUM Exposure.

For HDB homebuyers looking for a good deal, we will work out a financial plan for you, bring you around and show you different HDB Resale Flat options. We will show you the LATEST Updates of the units for sale (with each listing’s actual unit size and asking price). We will arrange physical viewings for you.

HDB TypeStreet NameMin S$Max S$Average S$# of Listings
2-RmHenderson Road587,400587,400587,4001
2-RmJalan Bukit Merah338,888338,888338,8881
2-RmJalan Klinik308,000308,000308,0001
2-RmJalan Kukoh290,000338,888312,2963
2-RmKim Tian Road520,000520,000520,0001
2-RmTelok Blangah Drive300,000340,000326,6673
2-RmTiong Bahru Road838,000838,000838,0001
3-RmBeo Crescent355,0002,680,000772,8336
3-RmBoon Tiong Road718,000718,000718,0001
3-RmBukit Merah View480,000498,000489,0002
3-RmBukit Purmei Road428,888480,000452,9253
3-RmDepot Road599,000675,000637,0002
3-RmEng Hoon Street850,000850,000850,0001
3-RmHavelock Road565,000730,000647,5002
3-RmHenderson Crescent385,000430,000407,5002
3-RmHenderson Road760,000800,000775,2005
3-RmHoy Fatt Road350,000350,000350,0001
3-RmJalan Bukit Ho Swee368,000439,000396,4005
3-RmJalan Bukit Merah340,000499,000397,50016
3-RmJalan Membina645,000725,000683,9847
3-RmKim Cheng Street850,000850,000850,0001
3-RmKim Tian Road398,000405,000401,5002
3-RmLim Liak Street799,000850,000837,2504
3-RmMoh Guan Terrace628,000628,000628,0001
3-RmRedhill Close385,000385,000385,0002
3-RmSilat Avenue410,000410,000410,0001
3-RmTaman Ho Swee333,000333,000333,0001
3-RmTelok Blangah Crescent338,000438,000390,1676
3-RmTelok Blangah Drive395,000500,000438,0005
3-RmTelok Blangah Rise368,000420,000391,0004
3-RmTelok Blangah Street 31688,000770,000718,92615
3-RmTelok Blangah Way370,000370,000370,0001
3-RmTiong Bahru Road708,000708,000708,0001
3-RmBukit Merah Lane 1438,000438,000438,0001
4-RmBoon Tiong Road950,0001,200,0001,065,7147
4-RmBukit Merah View768,000768,000768,0001
4-RmBukit Purmei Road598,000598,000598,0001
4-RmChay Yan Street1,200,0001,300,0001,250,0002
4-RmDelta Avenue799,000799,000799,0001
4-RmDepot Road720,000850,000801,6005
4-RmGuan Chuan Street1,416,0001,416,0001,416,0001
4-RmHavelock Road980,0091,200,0001,059,3363
4-RmHenderson Crescent490,000530,000516,6673
4-RmHenderson Road920,0001,150,0001,063,13814
4-RmJalan Bukit Merah558,000830,000729,0004
4-RmJalan Membina750,000970,000856,0005
4-RmJalan Rumah Tinggi750,000886,000784,0004
4-RmKim Tian Place948,000948,000948,0001
4-RmKim Tian Road618,0001,050,000857,99315
4-RmLengkok Bahru648,000840,000756,0003
4-RmRedhill Close749,888749,888749,8881
4-RmRedhill Road858,000858,000858,0001
4-RmTelok Blangah Crescent699,000780,000747,4449
4-RmTelok Blangah Drive633,888699,000670,9633
4-RmTelok Blangah Heights570,000988,000789,65712
4-RmTelok Blangah Street 31799,0001,080,000910,87749
4-RmTelok Blangah Way488,000499,000493,5002
4-RmTiong Bahru Road870,000870,000870,0001
4-RmSeng Poh Road950,000950,000950,0001
5-RmBoon Tiong Road1,500,0001,500,0001,500,0001
5-RmBukit Merah Central780,000800,000793,3333
5-RmBukit Merah View938,888938,888938,8881
5-RmBukit Purmei Road999,000999,000999,0001
5-RmDepot Road728,000900,000802,9847
5-RmHavelock Road1,030,0001,200,0001,143,3333
5-RmHenderson Road1,450,0001,680,0001,520,0004
5-RmHoy Fatt Road798,000828,000818,0003
5-RmJalan Bukit Merah920,000920,000920,0001
5-RmJalan Membina1,098,0001,399,9991,249,0002
5-RmJalan Rumah Tinggi790,000850,000830,0003
5-RmKim Tian Place1,050,0001,050,0001,050,0001
5-RmKim Tian Road968,0001,499,9001,302,2138
5-RmLengkok Bahru745,000788,000766,5002
5-RmRedhill Close1,080,0001,080,0001,080,0001
5-RmRedhill Road799,000799,000799,0001
5-RmTelok Blangah Crescent880,000880,000880,0001
5-RmTelok Blangah Drive788,000888,888842,2963
5-RmTelok Blangah Heights728,0001,100,000846,6676
EATiong Bahru Road1,220,0001,220,0001,220,0001

Updated as of 20/07/2023

Please do not hesitate to call Joanne(淑君)at 9004 6396 for the Latest Updates and Arrangement of Viewings.

Bukit Merah HDB Resale Flats for Rent

For HDB homeowners, are you thinking of renting out your existing HDB Flat and earning some decent income every month? Let us bring you the right tenants. We will go through with you every part of the home renting process. We focus on marketing HDB Resale Flats in Singapore. Therefore, please give us a chance and engage our services. We will be able to market your house for MAXIMUM Exposure. We will bring you the right tenants that meet your requirements.

For tenants (individuals or corporates) who are looking for an ideal place to rent, we will bring you around and show you different HDB Resale Flat options. We will show you the LATEST Updates of the units for rent (with each listing’s actual unit size and asking price). We will arrange physical viewings for you.

HDB TypeStreet NameMin S$Max S$Average S$# of Listings
1-Room / StudioBukit Purmei Road2,5002,8002,6502
1-Room / StudioTiong Bahru Road5,2005,2005,2001
2-RoomTelok Blangah Drive3,0003,0003,0001
2-RoomLower Delta Road3,6003,6003,6001
3-RoomBeo Crescent4,0004,0004,0001
3-RoomBukit Merah View3,2003,9003,5502
3-RoomBukit Purmei Road3,4003,7003,5003
3-RoomDepot Road3,6003,6003,6001
3-RoomHavelock Road3,8004,1003,9502
3-RoomHenderson Crescent3,2003,2003,2001
3-RoomJalan Bukit Merah3,1003,5003,42818
3-RoomRedhill Close3,0003,0003,0001
3-RoomTelok Blangah Crescent3,3003,6003,4502
3-RoomTelok Blangah Drive3,5003,9003,6205
3-RoomTelok Blangah Heights3,7004,1003,8673
3-RoomTelok Blangah Rise3,2003,5003,3173
3-RoomJalan Bukit Ho Swee2,8002,8002,8001
3-RoomIndus Road3,1003,8003,4003
3-RoomChay Yan Street5,8005,8005,8001
4-RoomBoon Tiong Road4,3004,5004,4002
4-RoomDepot Road4,9004,9004,9001
4-RoomHenderson Road4,0004,9004,4502
4-RoomJalan Bukit Merah3,5003,5003,5001
4-RoomKim Tian Place4,3004,3004,3001
4-RoomKim Tian Road4,9004,9004,9001
4-RoomRedhill Close4,6004,6004,6001
4-RoomTelok Blangah Crescent3,8004,5004,1502
4-RoomTelok Blangah Heights4,7004,7004,7001
4-RoomTiong Poh Road5,5005,5005,5001
5-RoomBoon Tiong Road4,8004,9004,8502
5-RoomBukit Merah View4,8004,8004,8001
5-RoomDelta Avenue4,8705,4005,1352
5-RoomDepot Road4,6004,6004,6001
5-RoomHavelock Road5,2005,2005,2001
5-RoomHenderson Road5,6005,6005,6001
5-RoomJalan Bukit Merah4,7004,9004,8002
5-RoomJalan Membina4,8004,8004,8001
5-RoomKim Tian Place4,9004,9004,9001
5-RoomKim Tian Road4,8504,8504,8501
5-RoomRedhill Road5,0005,0005,0001
5-RoomTelok Blangah Drive5,2005,9005,5502
5-RoomTelok Blangah Heights4,8004,8004,8001
Room RentalBoon Tiong Road1,1001,6001,4254
Room RentalBukit Merah Central8001,1009502
Room RentalBukit Merah View5601,2009404
Room RentalBukit Purmei Road1,1001,5001,3283
Room RentalDepot Road9001,2001,0388
Room RentalHavelock Road1,9001,9001,9001
Room RentalHenderson Crescent1,3001,5001,4333
Room RentalHenderson Road1,3001,3001,3001
Room RentalJalan Bukit Merah9001,6001,2318
Room RentalJalan Klinik8008008001
Room RentalJalan Membina1,0531,5001,3343
Room RentalJalan Rumah Tinggi9001,3001,1805
Room RentalKim Cheng Street1,5001,5001,5001
Room RentalKim Tian Road9901,8001,2885
Room RentalLengkok Bahru1,2001,2001,2001
Room RentalLim Liak Street9009009001
Room RentalRedhill Close1,5001,6001,5502
Room RentalRedhill Road1,4501,4501,4501
Room RentalSilat Avenue1,2001,2501,2252
Room RentalTelok Blangah Crescent8001,6001,2305
Room RentalTelok Blangah Drive1,0001,5001,2119
Room RentalTelok Blangah Heights5502,0001,4676
Room RentalTelok Blangah Rise1,3001,3001,3001
Room RentalTelok Blangah Street 311,6001,6001,6001
Room RentalJalan Bukit Ho Swee1,6001,6001,6001
Room RentalRedhill Lane8001,2001,0002
Room RentalZion Road1,5001,5001,5001

Updated as of 20/07/2023

Please do not hesitate to call Joanne(淑君)at 9004 6396 for the Latest Updates and Arrangement of Viewings.

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