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Clementi HDB Resale Flats for Sale/Rent

Clementi HDB Resale Flats

Are you thinking of buying, selling or renting an HDB Resale Flat in Clementi Singapore?

You may want to explore the recent transactions, the location itself, populations and the nearby amenities (transport, educational institutions, shopping malls, markets/hawker centres, sport and medical facilities, etc.) to help you in whatever property-related decisions you make.

Clementi HDB Resale Flats Recent Transactions June 2020 - May 2021

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Updated as of 16 June 2021

Average Transacted HDB Selling Price
Number of HDB Resale Transactions
Average Transacted HDB Rental
Number of HDB Rental Transactions
Streets in this HDB Town
Clementi Avenue 1
Clementi Avenue 2
Clementi Avenue 3
Clementi Avenue 4
Clementi Avenue 5
Clementi Avenue 6
Clementi Street 11
Clementi Street 12
Clementi Street 13
Clementi Street 14
Clementi West Street 1
Clementi West Street 2
Commonwealth Avenue West
West Coast Drive
West Coast Road
Type of Dwelling & population

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Source: Population from onemap, singstat

Ethnic Group & Population

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Source: Population from onemap, singstat


Are you thinking of settling your family down in one of Singapore's highly sought-after HDB towns? We will get you your desire dream home!

Clementi HDB Resale Flats for Sale

For HDB home sellers thinking of selling your existing HDB Flat and upgrading for a better home for you and your loved ones, let us work out a financial plan for you; go through with you every part of the home-selling process. We focus on marketing HDB Resale Flats in Singapore. Therefore, please give us a chance and engage our services. We will be able to market your house for MAXIMUM Exposure.

For HDB homebuyers looking for a good deal, we will work out a financial plan for you, bring you around and show you different HDB Resale Flat options. We will show you the LATEST Updates of the units for sale (with each listing’s actual unit size and asking price). We will arrange physical viewings for you.

HDB Units for Sale

HDB TypeHDB AddressPrice (S$)SQFTDate
3-Room311A Clementi Avenue 4530,00064618/6/2021
3-Room424 Clementi Avenue 1625,00078618/6/2021
3-Room311B Clementi Avenue 4500,00064618/6/2021
3-Room320 Clementi Avenue 4350,00072118/6/2021
3-Room704 West Coast Road350,00072118/6/2021
3-Room608 Clementi West Street 1345,00072118/6/2021
3-Room311B Clementi Avenue 4529,88864618/6/2021
3-Room311A Clementi Avenue 4549,00072118/6/2021
3-Room109 Clementi Street 11428,00088318/6/2021
3-Room710 Clementi West Street 2330,00073118/6/2021
3-Room346 Clementi Avenue 5380,00072118/6/2021
3-Room331 Clementi Avenue 2380,00072118/6/2021
3-Room311C Clementi Avenue 4570,00064618/6/2021
4-Room311B Clementi Avenue 4720,00087118/6/2021
4-Room311B Clementi Avenue 4765,00088218/6/2021
4-Room311A Clementi Avenue 4720,00088218/6/2021
4-Room311B Clementi Avenue 4785,00086118/6/2021
4-Room311A Clementi Avenue 4818,00088318/6/2021
4-Room311A Clementi Avenue 4768,88886118/6/2021
4-Room421 Clementi Avenue 1790,00099018/6/2021
4-Room311B Clementi Avenue 4798,00088318/6/2021
4-Room311B Clementi Avenue 4768,00088218/6/2021
4-Room311C Clementi Avenue 4769,99986118/6/2021
4-Room311C Clementi Avenue 4818,00088318/6/2021
4-Room311A Clementi Avenue 4800,00088318/6/2021
4-Room302 Clementi Avenue 4488,00099018/6/2021
4-Room312C Clementi Avenue 4865,0001,00018/6/2021
4-Room311B Clementi Avenue 4788,00086118/6/2021
4-Room311A Clementi Avenue 4798,00088218/6/2021
4-Room311A Clementi Avenue 4748,00087118/6/2021
4-Room456 Clementi Avenue 3760,00099018/6/2021
4-Room334 Clementi Avenue 2550,00099018/6/2021
4-Room311B Clementi Avenue 4800,00088218/6/2021
4-Room202 Clementi Avenue 6538,0001,00018/6/2021
4-Room312C Clementi Avenue 4865,0001,00118/6/2021
4-Room707 Clementi West Street 2390,00097918/6/2021
4-Room421 Clementi Avenue 1780,00097918/6/2021
4-Room311C Clementi Avenue 4750,00088318/6/2021
4-Room311A Clementi Avenue 4748,00087118/6/2021
4-Room302 Clementi Avenue 4468,00099018/6/2021
4-Room312B Clementi Avenue 4899,9991,00118/6/2021
4-Room311A Clementi Avenue 4788,00088318/6/2021
4-Room311A Clementi Avenue 4789,90088218/6/2021
4-Room312C Clementi Avenue 4850,0001,00018/6/2021
4-Room312C Clementi Avenue 4865,0001,00018/6/2021
4-Room311C Clementi Avenue 4735,00086118/6/2021
4-Room208A Clementi Avenue 6830,0001,00118/6/2021
4-Room348 Clementi Avenue 5480,00099018/6/2021
4-RoomTrivelis Trivelis780,00086118/6/2021
4-Room311C Clementi Avenue 4780,00088218/6/2021
5-Room413 Commonwealth Avenue West720,0001,41018/6/2021
5-Room342 Clementi Avenue 5680,0001,30218/6/2021
5-Room605 Clementi West Street 1630,0001,25918/6/2021
5-Room413 Commonwealth Avenue West718,0001,34518/6/2021
5-Room605 Clementi West Street 1590,0001,28018/6/2021
5-Room337 Clementi Avenue 2680,0001,28118/6/2021
5-Room413 Commonwealth Avenue West718,0001,34518/6/2021
5-Room355 Clementi Avenue 2710,0001,25918/6/2021
5-Room312A Clementi Avenue 41,000,0001,21618/6/2021
5-Room414 Commonwealth Avenue West740,0001,34518/6/2021
5-Room613 Clementi West Street 1638,0001,43118/6/2021
5-Room338 Clementi Avenue 2618,0001,28018/6/2021
5-Room312C Clementi Avenue 4999,9991,21618/6/2021
EM116 Clementi Street 13890,0001,57218/6/2021
Jumbo710 Clementi West Street 2780,0001,48518/6/2021
3-Room608 Clementi West Street 1345,00072117/6/2021
3-Room208B Clementi Avenue 6550,00073117/6/2021
3-Room311C Clementi Avenue 4560,00064617/6/2021
3-Room208B Clementi Avenue 6570,00073117/6/2021
3-Room208A Clementi Avenue 6610,00073217/6/2021
3-Room311A Clementi Avenue 4568,88864517/6/2021
3-Room426 Clementi Avenue 3390,00072117/6/2021
3-Room311A Clementi Avenue 4540,00064517/6/2021
3-Room608 Clementi West Street 1350,00072117/6/2021
4-Room421 Clementi Avenue 1790,00099017/6/2021
4-Room460 Clementi Avenue 3760,00096817/6/2021
4-Room512 West Coast Drive395,00097917/6/2021
4-Room325 Clementi Avenue 5500,00089317/6/2021
4-Room311A Clementi Avenue 4808,00088317/6/2021
4-Room311B Clementi Avenue 4765,00087217/6/2021
4-Room311B Clementi Avenue 4765,00087217/6/2021
4-Room311B Clementi Avenue 4765,00087217/6/2021
4-Room454 Clementi Avenue 3740,00096917/6/2021
4-Room424 Clementi Avenue 1828,0001,07617/6/2021
4-Room312C Clementi Avenue 4820,0001,00117/6/2021
4-Room311C Clementi Avenue 4780,00086117/6/2021
4-Room512 West Coast Drive395,00097917/6/2021
4-Room202 Clementi Avenue 6550,0001,00017/6/2021
4-Room380 Clementi Avenue 5530,0001,00017/6/2021
4-Room460 Clementi Avenue 3760,00096817/6/2021
4-Room612 Clementi West Street 1528,0001,11917/6/2021
4-Room311B Clementi Avenue 4738,00088317/6/2021
5-Room414 Commonwealth Avenue West600,0001,34517/6/2021
5-Room312A Clementi Avenue 41,300,0001,21617/6/2021
5-Room413 Commonwealth Avenue West680,0001,34517/6/2021
5-Room312B Clementi Avenue 4930,0001,21617/6/2021
5-Room458 Clementi Avenue 3798,0001,18417/6/2021
5-Room356 Clementi Avenue 2720,0001,25917/6/2021
5-Room604 Clementi West Street 1640,0001,28117/6/2021
5-Room458 Clementi Avenue 3798,0001,18417/6/2021
3-Room311A Clementi Avenue 4530,00064616/6/2021
3-Room702 West Coast Road350,00088316/6/2021
3-Room208A Clementi Avenue 6545,00073116/6/2021
3-Room608 Clementi West Street 1350,00072116/6/2021
3-Room309 Clementi Avenue 4390,00072116/6/2021
3-Room429 Clementi Avenue 3398,88872116/6/2021
3-Room208B Clementi Avenue 6575,00073116/6/2021
3-Room308 Clementi Avenue 4390,00072116/6/2021
3-Room208A Clementi Avenue 6545,00073116/6/2021
4-Room312C Clementi Avenue 4720,0001,00116/6/2021
4-Room460 Clementi Avenue 3729,00096916/6/2021
4-Room311A Clementi Avenue 4800,00088316/6/2021
4-Room311B Clementi Avenue 4787,00088316/6/2021
4-Room329 Clementi Avenue 2548,80096816/6/2021
4-Room311C Clementi Avenue 4788,88886116/6/2021
4-Room512 West Coast Drive395,00097916/6/2021
4-Room312C Clementi Avenue 4818,0001,00116/6/2021
4-Room416 Clementi Avenue 1850,0001,07616/6/2021
4-Room380 Clementi Avenue 5530,0001,00016/6/2021
4-Room507 West Coast Drive420,00089316/6/2021
5-Room724 Clementi West Street 2550,0001,27016/6/2021
5-Room413 Commonwealth Avenue West718,0001,34516/6/2021
5-Room604 Clementi West Street 1640,0001,28016/6/2021
5-Room312C Clementi Avenue 4920,0001,21516/6/2021
5-Room458 Clementi Avenue 3798,0001,18416/6/2021
5-Room337 Clementi Avenue 2648,0001,28016/6/2021
3-Room377 Clementi Avenue 5499,00088215/6/2021
3-Room208B Clementi Avenue 6575,00073115/6/2021
3-Room441B Clementi Avenue 3680,00075215/6/2021
4-Room312C Clementi Avenue 4848,0001,00015/6/2021
4-Room312C Clementi Avenue 4900,0001,00015/6/2021
4-Room312B Clementi Avenue 4900,0001,00015/6/2021
4-Room346 Clementi Avenue 5530,00099015/6/2021
4-Room311A Clementi Avenue 4799,90088215/6/2021
4-Room512 West Coast Drive395,00097915/6/2021
4-Room311A Clementi Avenue 4740,00086115/6/2021
5-Room342 Clementi Avenue 5680,0001,30215/6/2021
5-Room311C Clementi Avenue 41,050,0001,13015/6/2021
5-Room342 Clementi Avenue 5680,0001,30215/6/2021

Updated as of 18/06/2021

Please do not hesitate to call Joanne(淑君)at 9004 6396 for the Latest Updates and Arrangement of Viewings.

Clementi HDB Resale Flats for Rent

For HDB homeowners, are you thinking of renting out your existing HDB Flat and earning some decent income every month? Let us bring you the right tenants. We will go through with you every part of the home renting process. We focus on marketing HDB Resale Flats in Singapore. Therefore, please give us a chance and engage our services. We will be able to market your house for MAXIMUM Exposure. We will bring you the right tenants that meet your requirements.

For tenants (individuals or corporates) who are looking for an ideal place to rent, we will bring you around and show you different HDB Resale Flat options. We will show you the LATEST Updates of the units for rent (with each listing’s actual unit size and asking price). We will arrange physical viewings for you.

HDB Units for Rent

HDB TypeHDB AddressPrice (S$)SQFTDate
3-Room345 Clementi Avenue 52,40072118/6/2021
3-Room339 Clementi Avenue 53,20090018/6/2021
3-Room309 Clementi Avenue 42,50070016/6/2021
3-Room330 Clementi Avenue 22,50072116/6/2021
3-Room508 West Coast Drive95012016/6/2021
4-Room324 Clementi Avenue 580015017/6/2021
4-Room462 Clementi Avenue 33,00096816/6/2021
4-Room410 Commonwealth Avenue West3,0001,04415/6/2021
4-Room708 Clementi West Street 22,50085015/6/2021
Room Rental317 Clementi Avenue 470015018/6/2021
Room Rental456 Clementi Avenue 370015018/6/2021
Room Rental605 Clementi West Street 185015018/6/2021
Room Rental312A Clementi Avenue 480020018/6/2021
Room Rental375 Clementi Avenue 478097918/6/2021
Room Rental375 Clementi Avenue 475015017/6/2021
Room Rental103 Clementi Street 1475020017/6/2021
Room Rental610 Clementi West Street 195012917/6/2021
Room Rental454 Clementi Avenue 375010017/6/2021
Room Rental420 Clementi Avenue 185014017/6/2021
Room Rental454 Clementi Avenue 370012017/6/2021
Room Rental728 West Coast Road85025016/6/2021
Room Rental440B Clementi Avenue 38501,08416/6/2021
Room Rental375 Clementi Avenue 475015016/6/2021
Room Rental701 West Coast Road80015016/6/2021
Room Rental330 Clementi Avenue 285010016/6/2021
Room Rental324 Clementi Avenue 595097916/6/2021
Room Rental375 Clementi Avenue 475015016/6/2021
Room Rental462 Clementi Avenue 390012016/6/2021
Room Rental372 Clementi Avenue 48009015/6/2021
Room Rental445A Clementi Avenue 390015015/6/2021
Room Rental430 Clementi Avenue 390030015/6/2021
Room Rental416 Clementi Avenue 190010015/6/2021

Updated as of 18/06/2021

Please do not hesitate to call Joanne(淑君)at 9004 6396 for the Latest Updates and Arrangement of Viewings.

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