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Hougang HDB Resale Flats for Sale/Rent

Hougang HDB Resale Flats

Are you thinking of buying, selling or renting an HDB Resale Flat in Hougang Singapore?

You may want to explore the recent transactions, the location itself, populations and the nearby amenities (transport, educational institutions, shopping malls, markets/hawker centres, sport and medical facilities, etc.) to help you in whatever property-related decisions you make.

Hougang HDB Resale Flats Recent Transactions June 2020 - May 2021

You may click on the tabs below to find out more about the trends of HDB Resale Flats (average selling price, average rental price and the number of transactions).

We will update the HDB Resale Transactions regularly for your easy reference and monitoring!

Updated as of 16 June 2021

Average Transacted HDB Selling Price
Number of HDB Resale Transactions
Average Transacted HDB Rental
Number of HDB Rental Transactions
Streets in this HDB Town
Buangkok Crescent
Buangkok Crescent Singapore
Buangkok Green
Buangkok Link
Hougang Avenue
Hougang Avenue 1
Hougang Avenue 10
Hougang Avenue 2
Hougang Avenue 3
Hougang Avenue 4
Hougang Avenue 5
Hougang Avenue 6
Hougang Avenue 7
Hougang Avenue 8
Hougang Avenue 9
Hougang Central
Hougang Street 11
Hougang Street 21
Hougang Street 22
Hougang Street 31
Hougang Street 32
Hougang Street 51
Hougang Street 52
Hougang Street 61
Hougang Street 91
Hougang Street 92
Lorong Ah Soo
Upper Serangoon Crescent
Upper Serangoon Road
Upper Serangoon View
Type of Dwelling & population

Type of Dwelling 2020
Condominiums/Apartments 29,940
HDB 1/2 Room Flats 6,000
HDB 3 Room Flats 26,430
HDB 4 Room Flats 85,640
HDB 5 Room/Executive Flats 53,020
Landed Properties 22,250
Others 4,280
Total 227,560

Source: Population from onemap, singstat

Ethnic Group & Population
Ethnic Group 2020
Chinese – Male 89,240
Chinese – Female 92,460
Indian – Male 9,310
Indian – Female 8,720
Malays – Male 8,810
Malays – Female 8,840
Others – Male 2,200
Others – Female 2,720
Total – Male 109,560
Total – Female 112,750

Source: Population from onemap, singstat

Nearby Amenities

Click the tab below to find out more.

Bus Interchange / Terminal
  • Hougang Central Bus Interchange
  • Hougang
  • Kovan
  • Tai Seng
Primary Schools
  • CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity
  • Holy Innocents’ Primary School
  • Hougang Primary School
  • Montfort Junior School
  • Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary)
  • Punggol Primary School
  • Xinghua Primary School
  • Xinmin Primary School
  • Yio Chu Kang Primary School
Secondary Schools
  • Bowen Secondary School
  • Holy Innocents’ High School
  • Hougang Secondary School
  • Montfort Secondary School
  • Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary)
  • Serangoon Secondary School
  • Xinmin Secondary School
  • Yuying Secondary School
International Schools
  • DIMENSIONS International College
Shopping Centres
  • Hougang Mall
  • Hougang Green Shopping Mall
  • The Midtown
  • Hougang 1
  • Heartland Mall
  • Kang Kar Mall
  • Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre
  • Buangkok Square Shopping Mall
Notable Hawker Centres
  • Kovan Hougang Market Food Centre
Medical Facilities
  • Bright Vision Hospital
  • Institute of Mental Health
Sports Facilities
  • Hougang Stadium


Are you thinking of settling your family down in one of Singapore's highly sought-after HDB towns? We will get you your desire dream home!

Hougang HDB Resale Flats for Sale

For HDB home sellers thinking of selling your existing HDB Flat and upgrading for a better home for you and your loved ones, let us work out a financial plan for you; go through with you every part of the home-selling process. We focus on marketing HDB Resale Flats in Singapore. Therefore, please give us a chance and engage our services. We will be able to market your house for MAXIMUM Exposure.

For HDB homebuyers looking for a good deal, we will work out a financial plan for you, bring you around and show you different HDB Resale Flat options. We will show you the LATEST Updates of the units for sale (with each listing’s actual unit size and asking price). We will arrange physical viewings for you.

HDB Units for Sale

HDB TypeHDB AddressPrice (S$)SQFTDate
3-Room313 Hougang Avenue 5358,00073218/6/2021
3-Room501 Hougang Avenue 8355,00068918/6/2021
3-Room665 Hougang Avenue 4375,00079718/6/2021
4-Room352 Hougang Avenue 7439,00097918/6/2021
4-Room475A Upper Serangoon Crescent579,00099018/6/2021
4-Room477B Upper Serangoon View600,0001,02318/6/2021
4-Room932A Hougang Avenue 9528,00099018/6/2021
4-Room997C Buangkok Crescent518,0001,00118/6/2021
4-Room635 Hougang Avenue 8488,8881,11918/6/2021
4-Room365D Upper Serangoon Road600,00099018/6/2021
4-Room405 Hougang Avenue 10460,00097918/6/2021
4-Room476C Upper Serangoon View696,88899018/6/2021
4-Room680 Hougang Avenue 8405,00090418/6/2021
4-Room910 Hougang Street 91430,0001,00118/6/2021
4-Room405 Hougang Avenue 10450,00097918/6/2021
4-Room102 Hougang Avenue 1468,8001,13518/6/2021
4-Room978D Buangkok Crescent425,00096818/6/2021
4-Room667 Hougang Avenue 4440,0001,10918/6/2021
4-Room473C Upper Serangoon Crescent470,0001,00118/6/2021
4-Room509 Hougang Avenue 10460,0001,10818/6/2021
4-Room980A Buangkok Crescent450,00091518/6/2021
4-Room987C Buangkok Green497,0001,00018/6/2021
4-Room302 Hougang Avenue 5490,0001,10818/6/2021
4-Room414 Hougang Avenue 10470,0001,00118/6/2021
4-Room475A Upper Serangoon Crescent788,00099018/6/2021
4-Room698A Hougang Street 61513,9491,07618/6/2021
4-Room475A Upper Serangoon Crescent799,00099018/6/2021
5-Room473A Upper Serangoon Crescent648,0001,21618/6/2021
5-Room475C Upper Serangoon Crescent790,0001,17318/6/2021
5-Room572 Hougang Street 51530,0001,25918/6/2021
5-Room473C Upper Serangoon Crescent680,0001,21618/6/2021
5-Room997C Buangkok Crescent650,0001,18418/6/2021
5-Room473C Upper Serangoon Crescent680,0001,26118/6/2021
5-Room475A Upper Serangoon Crescent888,8881,20518/6/2021
5-Room475C Upper Serangoon Crescent868,0001,20518/6/2021
5-Room320 Hougang Avenue 5520,0001,36718/6/2021
5-Room320 Hougang Avenue 5525,0001,30218/6/2021
5-Room979A Buangkok Crescent590,0001,18418/6/2021
5-Room477B Upper Serangoon View730,0001,20618/6/2021
5-Room473A Upper Serangoon Crescent648,0001,21618/6/2021
5-Room473C Upper Serangoon Crescent680,0001,21618/6/2021
5-Room475D Upper Serangoon Crescent780,0001,20618/6/2021
5-Room576 Hougang Avenue 4620,0001,29218/6/2021
5-Room475A Upper Serangoon Crescent828,0001,20518/6/2021
5-Room351 Hougang Avenue 7568,0001,32418/6/2021
5-Room475D Upper Serangoon Crescent800,0001,20518/6/2021
5-Room476C Upper Serangoon View728,0001,20618/6/2021
5-Room320 Hougang Avenue 5580,0001,30218/6/2021
5-Room918 Hougang Avenue 9580,0001,29118/6/2021
5-Room475D Upper Serangoon Crescent780,0001,20618/6/2021
5-Room476C Upper Serangoon View728,0001,20518/6/2021
5-Room512 Hougang Avenue 10580,0001,30218/6/2021
5-Room653 Hougang Avenue 8618,8881,29218/6/2021
5-Room984B Buangkok Link530,0001,21018/6/2021
5-Room416 Hougang Avenue 10618,8881,31318/6/2021
5-Room476C Upper Serangoon View728,0001,20518/6/2021
5-Room475B Upper Serangoon Crescent898,8001,17318/6/2021
5-Room320 Hougang Avenue 5570,0001,36718/6/2021
5-Room943 Hougang Street 92520,0001,30218/6/2021
EA698C Hougang Street 52680,0001,51718/6/2021
EM621 Hougang Avenue 8750,0001,59218/6/2021
EM508 Hougang Avenue 10808,0001,57118/6/2021
EM449 Hougang Avenue 10888,8881,57118/6/2021
EM144 Lorong Ah Soo720,0001,59318/6/2021
3-Room126 Hougang Avenue 1408,00072117/6/2021
3-Room307 Hougang Avenue 5390,00088217/6/2021
3-Room473B Upper Serangoon Crescent389,00073117/6/2021
4-Room475D Upper Serangoon Crescent580,00099017/6/2021
4-Room968 Hougang Avenue 9430,00096917/6/2021
4-Room910 Hougang Street 91470,00099017/6/2021
4-Room675 Hougang Avenue 8450,0001,11917/6/2021
4-Room613 Hougang Avenue 8408,00090417/6/2021
4-Room927 Hougang Street 91445,0001,07617/6/2021
4-Room697 Hougang Street 61438,00091517/6/2021
4-Room914 Hougang Street 91488,0001,08717/6/2021
4-Room476B Upper Serangoon View525,00099017/6/2021
4-Room927 Hougang Street 91445,0001,07617/6/2021
4-Room471A Upper Serangoon Crescent540,00099017/6/2021
4-Room405 Hougang Avenue 10450,00098017/6/2021
5-Room475A Upper Serangoon Crescent888,8881,20517/6/2021
5-Room918 Hougang Avenue 9580,0001,29117/6/2021
5-Room473D Upper Serangoon Crescent670,0001,20517/6/2021
5-Room915 Hougang Street 91580,0001,30217/6/2021
5-Room409 Hougang Avenue 10600,0001,30217/6/2021
5-Room475A Upper Serangoon Crescent828,0001,20517/6/2021
5-Room475C Upper Serangoon Crescent818,0001,18417/6/2021
5-Room574 Hougang Street 51550,0001,25917/6/2021
5-Room475A Upper Serangoon Crescent888,8881,20517/6/2021
5-Room473A Upper Serangoon Crescent680,0001,18417/6/2021
5-Room473D Upper Serangoon Crescent670,0001,20517/6/2021
5-Room475A Upper Serangoon Crescent888,8881,20517/6/2021
5-Room951 Hougang Avenue 9499,0001,30217/6/2021
5-Room473D Upper Serangoon Crescent680,0001,21617/6/2021
5-Room475A Upper Serangoon Crescent888,8881,20517/6/2021
EA132 Lorong Ah Soo740,0001,61417/6/2021
EA852 Hougang Central935,0001,45317/6/2021
EM132 Lorong Ah Soo770,0001,60317/6/2021
EM132 Lorong Ah Soo770,0001,60317/6/2021
3-Room110 Hougang Avenue 1350,00072116/6/2021
3-Room317 Hougang Avenue 7320,00072116/6/2021
3-Room629 Hougang Avenue 8338,88868816/6/2021
4-Room565 Hougang Street 51450,0001,15116/6/2021
4-Room424 Hougang Avenue 6518,0001,13016/6/2021
4-Room411 Hougang Avenue 10460,00097916/6/2021
4-Room332 Hougang Avenue 5450,0001,11916/6/2021
4-Room927 Hougang Street 91445,0001,07616/6/2021
4-Room471A Upper Serangoon Crescent540,00099016/6/2021
4-Room475C Upper Serangoon Crescent820,00099016/6/2021
4-Room471A Upper Serangoon Crescent540,00099016/6/2021
4-Room537 Hougang Street 52460,0001,15216/6/2021
5-Room475A Upper Serangoon Crescent888,8881,20516/6/2021
5-Room473D Upper Serangoon Crescent670,0001,20516/6/2021
5-Room655 Hougang Avenue 8588,0001,29216/6/2021
5-Room475D Upper Serangoon Crescent780,0001,20616/6/2021
5-Room361 Hougang Avenue 51,000,0001,32316/6/2021
5-Room475A Upper Serangoon Crescent888,8881,20516/6/2021
5-Room699 Hougang Street 52608,0001,34516/6/2021
5-Room978D Buangkok Crescent549,0001,18416/6/2021
5-Room473A Upper Serangoon Crescent668,0001,21616/6/2021
5-Room320 Hougang Avenue 5530,0001,30216/6/2021
5-Room475D Upper Serangoon Crescent768,0001,20616/6/2021
5-Room475A Upper Serangoon Crescent888,8881,20516/6/2021
5-Room476C Upper Serangoon View728,0001,20616/6/2021
5-Room978D Buangkok Crescent518,8881,18416/6/2021
5-Room476C Upper Serangoon View749,9991,23716/6/2021
EA850 Hougang Central878,0001,48516/6/2021
EM850 Hougang Central950,0001,53916/6/2021
3-Room309 Hougang Avenue 5332,00072115/6/2021
3-Room114 Hougang Avenue 1330,00071015/6/2021
3-Room327 Hougang Avenue 5335,00072415/6/2021
3-Room123 Hougang Avenue 1350,00072115/6/2021
4-Room832 Hougang Central538,0001,14115/6/2021
4-Room565 Hougang Street 51500,0001,11915/6/2021
4-Room125 Hougang Avenue 1425,00097915/6/2021
4-Room247 Hougang Avenue 3460,0001,00015/6/2021
4-Room101 Hougang Avenue 1468,8881,16315/6/2021
4-Room154 Hougang Street 11498,00097915/6/2021
4-Room680 Hougang Avenue 8395,00090415/6/2021
4-Room673 Hougang Avenue 8450,0001,11915/6/2021
4-Room236 Hougang Avenue 1490,0001,11915/6/2021
4-Room365D Upper Serangoon Road680,0001,00115/6/2021
5-Room465 Upper Serangoon Road610,0001,31315/6/2021
5-Room471B Upper Serangoon Crescent699,0001,20615/6/2021
5-Room129 Lorong Ah Soo648,0001,42115/6/2021
5-Room473D Upper Serangoon Crescent648,8881,21615/6/2021
5-Room475A Upper Serangoon Crescent790,0001,20515/6/2021
5-Room476C Upper Serangoon View728,0001,20515/6/2021
5-Room923 Hougang Avenue 9560,0001,29115/6/2021
5-Room475D Upper Serangoon Crescent826,0001,20615/6/2021
EA132 Lorong Ah Soo740,0001,61415/6/2021
EM145 Lorong Ah Soo988,0001,72215/6/2021

Updated as of 18/06/2021

Please do not hesitate to call Joanne(淑君)at 9004 6396 for the Latest Updates and Arrangement of Viewings.

Hougang HDB Resale Flats for Rent

For HDB homeowners, are you thinking of renting out your existing HDB Flat and earning some decent income every month? Let us bring you the right tenants. We will go through with you every part of the home renting process. We focus on marketing HDB Resale Flats in Singapore. Therefore, please give us a chance and engage our services. We will be able to market your house for MAXIMUM Exposure. We will bring you the right tenants that meet your requirements.

For tenants (individuals or corporates) who are looking for an ideal place to rent, we will bring you around and show you different HDB Resale Flat options. We will show you the LATEST Updates of the units for rent (with each listing’s actual unit size and asking price). We will arrange physical viewings for you.

HDB Units for Rent

HDB TypeHDB AddressPrice (S$)SQFTDate
3-Room684 Hougang Avenue 82,50070018/6/2021
3-Room211 Hougang Street 212,20078517/6/2021
3-Room401 Hougang Avenue 102,30069916/6/2021
3-Room252 Hougang Avenue 32,00076415/6/2021
4-Room401 Hougang Avenue 103,0001,00118/6/2021
4-Room968 Hougang Avenue 92,60096916/6/2021
4-Room988B Buangkok Green2,8001,00015/6/2021
4-Room636 Hougang Avenue 82,5001,11915/6/2021
5-Room698B Hougang Street 612,2001,30215/6/2021
EM449 Hougang Avenue 103,8881,57118/6/2021
EM237 Hougang Street 212,8001,59218/6/2021
Room Rental128 Lorong Ah Soo75010018/6/2021
Room Rental984B Buangkok Link65017218/6/2021
Room Rental531 Hougang Avenue 655012018/6/2021
Room Rental513 Hougang Avenue 1070020018/6/2021
Room Rental942 Hougang Street 9255018018/6/2021
Room Rental418 Hougang Avenue 862010018/6/2021
Room Rental978C Buangkok Crescent60010018/6/2021
Room Rental451 Hougang Avenue 1075020018/6/2021
Room Rental23 Hougang Avenue 380015018/6/2021
Room Rental535 Hougang Street 5245021518/6/2021
Room Rental979A Buangkok Crescent85018018/6/2021
Room Rental365D Upper Serangoon Road75015018/6/2021
Room Rental921 Hougang Street 9190015018/6/2021
Room Rental421 Hougang Avenue 1070016018/6/2021
Room Rental313 Hougang Avenue 585015018/6/2021
Room Rental648 Hougang Avenue 865010018/6/2021
Room Rental958 Hougang Street 9170012018/6/2021
Room Rental412 Hougang Avenue 1055015018/6/2021
Room Rental833 Hougang Central85015017/6/2021
Room Rental302 Hougang Avenue 570015017/6/2021
Room Rental548 Hougang Street 5170010017/6/2021
Room Rental543 Hougang Avenue 880018017/6/2021
Room Rental527 Hougang Avenue 67001,11917/6/2021
Room Rental837 Hougang Central80015017/6/2021
Room Rental997B Buangkok Crescent7209717/6/2021
Room Rental124 Hougang Avenue 170064617/6/2021
Room Rental997B Buangkok Crescent72010017/6/2021
Room Rental170 Hougang Avenue 170015017/6/2021
Room Rental634 Hougang Avenue 875015017/6/2021
Room Rental326 Hougang Avenue 765015017/6/2021
Room Rental139 Lorong Ah Soo75015017/6/2021
Room Rental337 Hougang Avenue 745015017/6/2021
Room Rental115 Hougang Avenue 185015017/6/2021
Room Rental703 Hougang Avenue 265020017/6/2021
Room Rental233 Hougang Street 2170010016/6/2021
Room Rental302 Hougang Avenue 51,25030016/6/2021
Room Rental960 Hougang Avenue 980014816/6/2021
Room Rental420 Hougang Avenue 1075012016/6/2021
Room Rental201 Hougang Street 217007016/6/2021
Room Rental551 Hougang Street 5185010015/6/2021
Room Rental424 Hougang Avenue 680012015/6/2021
Room Rental632 Hougang Avenue 875010015/6/2021
Room Rental475A Upper Serangoon Crescent80010015/6/2021
Room Rental417 Hougang Avenue 880015015/6/2021
Room Rental470A Upper Serangoon Crescent7503,22915/6/2021
Room Rental992b buangkok link9001,00115/6/2021
Room Rental405 Hougang Avenue 1070020015/6/2021

Updated as of 18/06/2021

Please do not hesitate to call Joanne(淑君)at 9004 6396 for the Latest Updates and Arrangement of Viewings.

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