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Jurong West HDB Resale Flats for Sale/Rent

Jurong West HDB Resale Flats

Are you thinking of buying, selling or renting an HDB Resale Flat in Jurong West Singapore?

You may want to explore the recent transactions, the location itself, populations and the nearby amenities (transport, educational institutions, shopping malls, markets/hawker centres, sport and medical facilities, etc.) to help you in whatever property-related decisions you make.

Jurong West HDB Resale Flats Recent Transactions

You may click on the tabs below to find out more about the trends of HDB Resale Flats (average selling price, average rental price and the number of transactions).

We will update the HDB Resale Transactions regularly for your easy reference and monitoring!

Updated as of 29 May 2023

Month 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room Executive MG
2023-05 330,000 377,282 488,441 598,155 755,124
2023-04 280,000 356,577 487,091 609,570 718,607
2023-03 360,000 342,200 488,519 592,885 702,625
2023-02 296,000 328,478 482,145 587,954 693,414
2023-01 301,500 353,566 494,087 598,582 696,526
2022-12 265,500 361,878 495,383 570,678 696,100
2022-11 315,250 353,167 494,347 588,830 698,427
2022-10 286,000 367,990 484,839 565,330 671,567
2022-09 320,000 344,533 479,996 600,328 664,813
2022-08 355,429 492,206 557,951 666,313
2022-07 300,000 337,559 481,400 582,330 670,457
2022-06 325,000 342,428 469,657 546,767 678,990
2022-05 292,500 354,656 499,873 560,045 662,321
2022-04 285,000 329,342 486,169 552,764 662,330
2022-03 334,044 469,278 544,189 620,875
2022-02 326,310 470,183 556,417 649,836
2022-01 252,500 338,217 447,835 523,781 632,329
Boon Lay Avenue
Boon Lay Drive
Boon Lay Place
Corporation Drive
Ho Ching Road
Hu Ching Road
Jurong West Avenue 1
Jurong West Avenue 3
Jurong West Avenue 5
Jurong West Central 1
Jurong West Central 3
Jurong West Street 24
Jurong West Street 25
Jurong West Street 41
Jurong West Street 42
Jurong West Street 51
Jurong West Street 52
Jurong West Street 61
Jurong West Street 62
Jurong West Street 64
Jurong West Street 65
Jurong West Street 71
Jurong West Street 72
Jurong West Street 73
Jurong West Street 74
Jurong West Street 75
Jurong West Street 81
Jurong West Street 91
Jurong West Street 92
Jurong West Street 93
Kang Ching Road
Tah Ching Road
Tao Ching Road
Yuan Ching Road
Yung An Road
Yung Ho Road
Yung Kuang Road
Yung Loh Road
Yung Ping Road
Yung Sheng Road
Nearby Amenities

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Are you thinking of settling your family down in one of Singapore's highly sought-after HDB towns? We will get you your desire dream home!

Jurong West HDB Resale Flats for Sale

For HDB home sellers thinking of selling your existing HDB Flat and upgrading for a better home for you and your loved ones, let us work out a financial plan for you; go through with you every part of the home-selling process. We focus on marketing HDB Resale Flats in Singapore. Therefore, please give us a chance and engage our services. We will be able to market your house for MAXIMUM Exposure.

For HDB homebuyers looking for a good deal, we will work out a financial plan for you, bring you around and show you different HDB Resale Flat options. We will show you the LATEST Updates of the units for sale (with each listing’s actual unit size and asking price). We will arrange physical viewings for you.

HDB TypeStreet NameMin S$Max S$Average S$# of Listings
3-RmBoon Lay Place320,000349,999336,6663
3-RmJurong West Street 61650,000650,000650,0001
4-RmBoon Lay Drive495,000495,000495,0001
4-RmJurong West Avenue 3455,000500,000477,5002
4-RmJurong West Avenue 5470,000489,000479,5002
4-RmJurong West Central 1538,888588,000559,3618
4-RmJurong West Street 25470,000470,000470,0001
4-RmJurong West Street 41449,000570,000489,5785
4-RmJurong West Street 42475,000665,000554,71414
4-RmJurong West Street 52478,888570,000532,8417
4-RmJurong West Street 61498,000530,000506,2005
4-RmJurong West Street 64480,000599,999526,6005
4-RmJurong West Street 65470,000550,000512,00015
4-RmJurong West Street 73468,888498,000489,2224
4-RmJurong West Street 74510,000510,000510,0002
4-RmJurong West Street 81470,000499,000486,0004
4-RmJurong West Street 91440,000490,000471,4297
4-RmJurong West Street 93480,000500,000493,0003
4-RmTah Ching Road508,000599,000538,3333
4-RmYuan Ching Road639,000720,000676,3336
4-RmYung Sheng Road488,000500,000494,0002
4-RmKang Ching Road470,000650,000563,4297
4-RmJurong West Street 92450,000500,000475,0003
4-RmSpring Haven @ Jurong540,000540,000540,0001
4-RmYung Ho Spring I588,000668,888619,13012
4-RmYung Kuang Court588,000600,000595,1437
4-RmJurong West Street 24518,000518,000518,0001
4-RmCorporation Tiara565,000580,000572,5002
4-RmBoon Lay Fields620,000620,000620,0001
5-RmBoon Lay Avenue599,999599,999599,9991
5-RmBoon Lay Drive498,000700,000607,68920
5-RmCorporation Drive700,000700,000700,0001
5-RmJurong West Avenue 3550,000558,000552,6673
5-RmJurong West Avenue 5560,000560,000560,0001
5-RmJurong West Central 1638,000698,000672,3336
5-RmJurong West Street 25525,000568,000545,5004
5-RmJurong West Street 41649,000649,000649,0001
5-RmJurong West Street 42560,000668,000609,3333
5-RmJurong West Street 61565,000688,000632,16317
5-RmJurong West Street 64570,000670,000611,99011
5-RmJurong West Street 65510,000650,000604,49626
5-RmJurong West Street 71579,000579,000579,0001
5-RmJurong West Street 73595,000595,000595,0001
5-RmJurong West Street 74750,000750,000750,0001
5-RmJurong West Street 81530,000588,000561,0003
5-RmJurong West Street 91520,000550,000535,0002
5-RmJurong West Street 93537,000680,000587,13122
5-RmTah Ching Road615,000760,000652,7504
5-RmYuan Ching Road780,0001,100,000899,4868
5-RmYung Sheng Road535,000620,000580,7504
5-RmKang Ching Road638,888800,000719,4442
5-RmJurong West Street 62638,000638,000638,0001
5-RmJurong West Street 92528,000528,000528,0001
5-RmJurong West Street 75630,000630,000630,0001
5-RmYung Kuang Court660,000780,000712,40015
5-RmJurong West Street 24530,000530,000530,0001
5-RmBoon Lay Fields738,888738,888738,8881
5-RmBoon Lay View699,000715,000708,0003
EAJurong West Street 25688,000688,000688,0001
EAJurong West Street 64699,000700,000699,5002
EAJurong West Street 74699,000699,000699,0001
EAJurong West Street 91700,000700,000700,0001
EMJurong West Street 42650,000900,000754,1437
EMYung Ho Road720,000720,000720,0001

Updated as of 29/05/2023

Please do not hesitate to call Joanne(淑君)at 9004 6396 for the Latest Updates and Arrangement of Viewings.

Jurong West HDB Resale Flats for Rent

For HDB homeowners, are you thinking of renting out your existing HDB Flat and earning some decent income every month? Let us bring you the right tenants. We will go through with you every part of the home renting process. We focus on marketing HDB Resale Flats in Singapore. Therefore, please give us a chance and engage our services. We will be able to market your house for MAXIMUM Exposure. We will bring you the right tenants that meet your requirements.

For tenants (individuals or corporates) who are looking for an ideal place to rent, we will bring you around and show you different HDB Resale Flat options. We will show you the LATEST Updates of the units for rent (with each listing’s actual unit size and asking price). We will arrange physical viewings for you.

HDB TypeStreet NameMin S$Max S$Average S$# of Listings
3-RoomJurong West Street 413,2003,8003,5754
3-RoomJurong West Street 523,2003,9003,5502
3-RoomKang Ching Road3,1993,1993,1991
3-RoomBoon Lay Place3,2503,2503,2501
3-RoomJurong West Central 33,7883,7883,7881
3-RoomTao Ching Road3,2003,4003,3002
3-RoomHo Ching Road3,0003,2003,1002
4-RoomBoon Lay Drive1,5001,5001,5001
4-RoomJurong West Street 413,8004,0003,9333
4-RoomJurong West Street 421,3003,9002,6002
4-RoomJurong West Street 524,3004,3004,3001
4-RoomJurong West Street 611,2003,8502,5252
4-RoomJurong West Street 623,7003,7003,7001
4-RoomJurong West Street 643,5004,2003,8618
4-RoomJurong West Street 653,6004,2003,8905
4-RoomJurong West Street 813,8004,3004,0333
4-RoomJurong West Street 913,5004,0003,7754
4-RoomJurong West Street 933,9504,5004,1503
4-RoomYuan Ching Road4,0004,0004,0001
4-RoomYung Ho Road4,0004,0004,0001
4-RoomJurong West Avenue 14,0004,0004,0001
4-RoomJurong West Street 733,9003,9003,9001
4-RoomJurong West Street 713,8003,8003,8001
4-RoomJurong West Avenue 33,5003,5003,5001
5-RoomBoon Lay Drive3,4003,4003,4001
5-RoomJurong West Central 14,2004,2004,2001
5-RoomJurong West Street 244,0004,0004,0001
5-RoomJurong West Street 251,2501,2501,2501
5-RoomJurong West Street 423,8003,8003,8001
5-RoomJurong West Street 521,1004,8003,5254
5-RoomJurong West Street 613,9504,5004,2305
5-RoomJurong West Street 623,8004,2004,0673
5-RoomJurong West Street 643,4994,5004,15011
5-RoomJurong West Street 653,5004,4884,0308
5-RoomJurong West Street 744,0004,0004,0001
5-RoomJurong West Street 814,0004,0004,0001
5-RoomJurong West Street 912,0003,0002,5002
5-RoomJurong West Street 931,2004,2003,1333
5-RoomKang Ching Road4,0004,0004,0001
5-RoomJurong West Avenue 34,3004,3004,3001
5-RoomCorporation Tiara4,0004,0004,0001
EAJurong West Street 253,8003,8003,8001
EAJurong West Street 614,2004,5004,3502
EAJurong West Street 644,5004,5004,5001
EAJurong West Street 654,6005,0004,8002
EAJurong West Street 814,2004,2004,2001
EMJurong West Street 413,8003,8003,8001
EMJurong West Street 424,4004,4004,4001
EMJurong West Street 813,9004,3004,1002
MGBoon Lay View4,6884,6884,6881
Room RentalBoon Lay Avenue1,2001,3001,2254
Room RentalBoon Lay Drive7501,6001,0756
Room RentalJurong West Central 15001,1009638
Room RentalJurong West Street 248001,0009504
Room RentalJurong West Street 251,2001,5001,3502
Room RentalJurong West Street 415502,0001,1839
Room RentalJurong West Street 425001,30097911
Room RentalJurong West Street 528001,3881,0406
Room RentalJurong West Street 618001,4009899
Room RentalJurong West Street 628008008001
Room RentalJurong West Street 644501,6001,03310
Room RentalJurong West Street 658501,4001,0138
Room RentalJurong West Street 748001,5001,1884
Room RentalJurong West Street 816501,20098010
Room RentalJurong West Street 919501,5271,1597
Room RentalJurong West Street 938001,0009086
Room RentalKang Ching Road8501,5001,16211
Room RentalTah Ching Road1,0501,0501,0501
Room RentalYuan Ching Road1,0001,0001,0001
Room RentalBoon Lay Place8001,0009002
Room RentalJurong West Avenue 18001,4001,0997
Room RentalJurong West Central 31,1001,2001,1502
Room RentalJurong West Street 928001,2001,0003
Room RentalJurong West Street 738508508501
Room RentalJurong West Avenue 59501,0009752
Room RentalJurong West Street 717501,2009673
Room RentalJurong West Avenue 31,0001,0001,0002
Room RentalCorporation Tiara9009009001
Room RentalYung Kuang Court1,1001,1001,1001
Room RentalYung Sheng Road8008008001
Room RentalBoon Lay Fields9009009001

Updated as of 29/05/2023

Please do not hesitate to call Joanne(淑君)at 9004 6396 for the Latest Updates and Arrangement of Viewings.

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