Eligibility To Sell HDB flat

You must fulfil a set of eligibility conditions before you can sell your flat:

Please refer to the individual points for more information.


Under the Housing and Development Act, as long as there is one Singapore Citizen HDB flat owner, you will not be forced to sell your HDB flat in the event of a bankruptcy.

However, if your HDB flat has been financed with a mortgage loan and you are unable to repay your mortgage either to a bank or to HDB, the bank can seize and sell your flat through a mortgagee sale. HDB can also acquire your flat compulsorily.

The Official Assignee (OA)’s consent is not required if you would like to sell your HDB flat, as long as there is one Singapore Citizen HDB flat owner. Otherwise, you will need a letter of consent from the OA before you grant your prospective buyer an Option to Purchase.


If you go through a divorce after meeting the MOP, you can sell the HDB flat if all eligibility conditions are met.

You need to produce the following documents:

  • Writ for Judicial Separation (previously known as Deed of Separation); or
  • Interim Judgment (previously known as Decree Nisi); and
  • Certificate of Making Interim Judgment Final (previously known as Certificate of Making the Decree Nisi Absolute); or
  • Divorce Certificate (for Muslims); and
  • Order of Court (if any).

An official English translation of these documents by an interpreter of the Supreme Court or Subordinate Courts is required if the documents are not in any of the 4 official languages.

The actual approval to sell your HDB resale flat will only be determined after the HDB sellers have submitted the application and supporting documents to Housing & Development Board.

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